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VASA's New Website

The Vermont ATV Sportsmen's Association just completed it's update of their website and it's online and great!. With over 800 miles of trails in Vermont VASA's 17 clubs throughout the state have a place to update all Vermont ATV riders on laws in the state and to complete their ongoing task dedicated to developing, promoting and conserving responsible, family friendly ATV recreation throughout Vermont. Visit the site today at VTVASA.ORG.


Economic Impact Survey

Out of Stater's and all who travel to Vermont to ride their ATV's, please take a few minutes to fill this survey out. We are over half way through the time we have to collect these surveys and currently, we have less than 200 completed surveys. We need much more! So please, take a few minutes to fill out this survey, the future of four wheeling in Vermont will be decided based upon what we find out! Thanks!

Here's the link.


VEST class- VASA Education Safety Training class for young people - people can contact Chad for more info.



Riders on the trails in Concord need to be aware that they need to have their registration with them. The trails may be patrolled and violators may be ticketed. For the complete rundown of the Regulation of All Terrain Vehicles in Concord, click here.


Hats - T-Shirts - Sweatshirts are Available

Hats sweatshirts and t-shirts are available for sale at $15.00 as well as small TOWATV decals.

For hats, colors will be camo, orange and pink camo. For sweatshirts, light gray, dark gray, blue, red and pink.

If anyone wants a specific item they can contact Chad directly or watch for a table to be set up at specific events.


Notice To Side by Side Owners

The State of Vermont will no longer register as ATV's vehicles that exceed 60 inches or larger in width. If you have a side by side that measures 60 inches, you can contact Danny Hale at VASA and discuss getting it registered with him. Go to the VASA website to get in contact with Danny.



The riding season is coming in the spring, and we need plenty of help to get the trails in shape for this summer!

As an incentive to all you riders, we've come up with a bonus for all who pitch in and help this year. Here it is:

You volunteer 30 hours of time on the trail maintenance program this year, and we'll reimburse your 2017 membership fees! That's right. We'll give you your 55 bucks back for your TOWATV membership and your VASA membership too.

Please! We need your help! We have a large and great system of trails and we need you to help to keep them great!

Contact Chad Sterling for more info and to volunteer.


The annual meeting took place on Saturday, January 7th at 2:00pm at Chad Sterling's house.

Read the minutes here.


Our officers are, as of January 2017;

President: Chad Sterling   802-695-2280

Vice President: Mike Audet (Pine)  802-222-9267

Secretary: Steven Bean 501-410-9704

Treasurer: Marge Audet   802-222-9267 

Trail Administrator:  Mike Audet (Pine)  802-222-9267

  We would like to give a big thanks to all the land owners for the use of their land. Without you our trails wouldn't be the same.


newDanville to Restrict ATV Use on Town Roads

The town of Danville has moved to restrict the use of town roads to all ATV use with one exception, that resident ATV operators and owners of “real property” in Danville may purchase a decal from the town that will grant limited access to the roads. Read the complete law here.


Notice From Waterford Select Board:   

ALL Waterford roads are CLOSED to ATV's. You may cross roads from trail to trail only. Violators will be prosecuted


It's About Time to Think Spring!

In the spring everyone is asked to ride the trails close to your home and put back signs or screw them onto the poles. If new signs or poles are needed contact Chad or Mike. In addition, if you see a trail that needs work, contact Chad or Mike to get it on the schedule to be fixed.


Reciprocity with New Hampshire Has Ended

New Hampshire and Vermont have ended their reciprocal deal for A.T.V. registration. The original deal was for for 2012 and 2013 only and has come to an end as of January 1st. of 2014. For updates on riding in New Hampshire and New Hampshire rules and information visit or . In Vermont visit We still have reciprocity with New York and Pennsylvania.

Vermont State Police LogoNew Vermont Young Rider ATV Safety Course now available online from the Vermont State Police.


If you are 12 years of age or older but less than 18 years of age, you may operate an ATV only if you:

  • Are on land owned by you, your parents, or your guardian or …
  • Are under the direct supervision of an instructor while taking a state-approved safety education course or …
  • Have been certified in a state-approved safety education course.

Read more about the Vermont Young Rider Safety Program program



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